Brand Day Celebration

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Brand day, Brand Promotions
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Brand Day is the birthday of Brand Promotions India Pvt. Ltd. It is the day where all the people working with us celebrate, have fun but also work because only work or only fun alone can be harmful.

Brand Day was celebrated in all our branches by cutting cakes, having snacks, joking, enjoying and posing for multiple pictures. We have many pictures to show you from all our branches. How each of them enjoyed and celebrated the day.

The pictures below are from Delhi branch, we are sure they had a blast and the cake looks refreshing and it looks like they had loads of fun!

The pictures below are from the Mumbai branch, they sure had fun celebrating brand day and cutting the cake and having snacks. All the people look so happy and energetic looks like we need to have Brand day celebrations everyday.

Below you can find the pictures from our other branches Chennai and Pune.

As you can see in the images this brand day was full of fun and excitement. We hope that this continues throughout the year.

You can check out more images of Brand Day by clicking this link : Brand Day Flickr


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