Vodafone Nukkad Natak (Street play)

Posted: March 6, 2012 in Activity, Brand Promotions
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We conducted Nukkad Natak in slum areas of Mumbai to create awareness about the services of Vodafone like the STD plan and Mobile Number Portability (MNP). We chose the slum areas because most of the people staying  here are from  other states and these people regularly use STD service to stay in contact with their family members and friends.

MNP is mobile number portability where you can transfer from one carrier to another without changing your phone number, this is a very useful service because there are many people after hearing the STD rates of Vodafone looking forward to change to Vodafone but changing the number becomes a headache as you will have to send a message to all the people you know that you are changing the number, etc.

Nukkad Natak is a form of street play which falls under the comedy category but also carries a message in the end. The people who stay here do not usually go to malls and happening places, so instead of consumers coming to us, we decided to go the consumers. We used Nukkad Natak because it is easy to spot it in a busy area and it is easy to convey the right message about the Vodafone plans. The script of this Nukkad Natak has been designed in such a way that the local people can understand it easily and also all the modern day problems regarding the mobile usage could be conveyed successfully. 

Post Nukkad Natak we received  many enquiries regarding STD plan and MNP. And many people were interested in services which Vodafone is providing.  If everything goes right then we will be taking this Nukkad Natak to many such places in Mumabi and maybe all over India.

To view more images you can click this link


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