Pongal activity for Tata Housing executed successfully

Posted: March 20, 2012 in Activity, Brand Promotions
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Pongal is the harvest festival celebrated by Tamilians in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. As part of the
Pongal festival celebrations, Tata Housing organized an activation called ‘Pongal Activity”  held on 14th & 15th Jan 2012
at Express Avenue mall – Chennai. The activation took place for two days, wherein Pongal set up has been created
at the atrium of mall.
 In this set up a 6ft pongal was created  along with a dummy cow, kolam, sugarcane etc.
Tata housing also initiated a noble cause, where TG just has to register themselves & Tata Housing will be donating
a bowl of rice on TG’s behalf as charity.
Promoters approached the TG explained the noble initiative taken by Tata Housing, many people showed interest & took part in this cause.

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